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Welcome to the New Zealand Prosthetic Eye Service

As well as being a gateway to our services, this website provides patients and caregivers with information about how prosthetic eyes and scleral shells are fitted and maintained, and about living with a prosthetic eye. Our ongoing prosthetic eye research is also reported on this site.

Keith Pine specialises exclusively in ocular prosthetics. He is an honorary Research Fellow with the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Auckland and a member of the Institute of Maxillofacial Prosthetists and Technologists in the UK. He and his co-authors have published over 20 scientific papers on prosthetic eyes and the world’s first peer-reviewed textbook on prosthetic eyes.

Janice Yeoman graduated top of her Optometry class in 2007. She has a Masters degree in optometry and was a Professional Teaching Fellow with the School of Optometry, University of Auckland. She enjoys the crossover between optometry and ocular prosthetics and brings enthusiasm, caring, research skills and knowledge to these fields.

The terms “artificial eye” and “prosthetic eye” mean the same but with the development of artificial sight we now prefer the term “prosthetic eye” to describe our work.

Need a new prosthetic eye, or scleral shell prosthesis?

Clinic Locations

Hamilton Eye Clinic
Ground Floor Bridgewater Building
130 Grantham Street
Hamilton Central
(07) 834 0006
Specsavers Optometrists
1211 Eruera Street
(07) 349 2020
31 Auburn St, Takapuna 0622, New Zealand
(09) 489 5232
Tauranga Eyecare by Langford Callard 394 Cameron Road, Tauranga 3110
(07) 578 6413
Wellington Eye Centre
Level 4/148 Cuba Street
Te Aro
(04) 385 8833
Eye Centre PrimeCare
12 Kensington Ave
(09) 9727022

The first textbook to offer a comprehensive account of ocular prosthetics and the evidence that underpins and supports this field of healthcare

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