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Keith Pine - New Zealand Prosthetic Eyes
Keith Pine - New Zealand Prosthetic Eyes

Welcome to the New Zealand Prosthetic eye service

The terms “artificial eyes” and “prosthetic eyes” mean the same but as artificial sight is beginning to be developed we now prefer the term “prosthetic eyes” to describe our work. 

Dr Keith Pine has over 30 years of experience making and fitting prosthetic eyes and as a Research Fellow with the School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of Auckland, he has published 8 scientific papers and the world’s first evidence based textbook on prosthetic eyes.

As well as being a gateway to our services, this website aims to provide both patients and referrers with information about how prosthetic eyes and scleral shell prostheses are fitted and maintained, and general advice about living with prosthetic eyes, prosthetic eye history and the latest research.

Need a new prosthetic eye, or scleral shell prosthesis?

Clinic Locations

Hamilton Eye Clinic
Ground Floor Bridgewater Building
130 Grantham Street
Hamilton Central
(07) 834 0006
Specsavers Optometrists
1211 Eruera Street
(07) 349 2020
Haydon Optometrists
159 Hurstmere
(09) 489 5232
Tauranga Eyecare by Langford Callard 394 Cameron Road, Tauranga 3110
(07) 578 6413
Wellington Eye Centre
Level 4/148 Cuba Street
Te Aro
(04) 385 8833
Eye Centre PrimeCare
12 Kensington Ave
(09) 9727022

The first textbook to offer a comprehensive account of ocular prosthetics and the evidence that underpins and supports this field of healthcare

Further Information

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Covid-19 Announcement

The New Zealand Prosthetic Eye Service has postponed all appointments until lockdown provisions are eased and we can all get back to work.

In the meantime, I am available to answer your questions anytime via email or telephone. I am still occupied with prosthetic eye research and reading and I feel strongly about continuing to provide you with the best prosthetic eye service available along with best practice guidelines during this health crisis.

If your prosthetic eye is uncomfortable and/or discharging and you think the socket is infected go to your GP for treatment.

If you don’t think your socket is infected it may be time to clean it by following the advice for ‘Prosthetic Eye Care’ under the ‘For Patients’ tab on this page. In particular, watch the short ‘Cleaning An Artificial Eye’ video.

Finally, it is a privilege to be your trusted ocular prosthetist.

Take care, stay safe, stay in touch.

Kind regards,

Dr Keith Pine BSc (Psych), MBA, PhD (Optom), MIMPT

Ocular Prosthetist

Honorary Research Fellow, University of Auckland