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Case study 12

Take home message: The problem with parents being overly emotional is that the child begins to feel guilty about causing…

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Case study 11

Take home message: Distressing conditions such as bilateral microphthalmia bring out extraordinary depths of love and compassion.

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Case study 10

Take home message: Taking an impression of the eye socket is a daunting part of the procedure for little children,…

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Case study 8

Take home message: If your eye is scarred and blind, don't wait years before asking about scleral shells. Scleral shells…

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Case study 7

Take home message: Sudden, brutal damage to an eye is devastating but you must believe things will get better. Scleral…

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Case study 5

Take home message: Loss of depth perception does not prevent you obtaining a taxi license, bus license or pilots license.…

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Case study 4

Take home message: Some patients feel stronger for having overcome the obstacles in their life – including the loss of…

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