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The NZ Prosthetic Eye Service believes that a team approach to treating and counselling
anophthalmic patients is the best way to achieve the highest standards of service.

We value your referrals and will report back to you once treatment is completed.

We offer your patients:

1.   Evidence-based professional care.
2.   Accessible locations in established eye centres where we work alongside eye health professionals.
3.   Fees that are mostly fully subsidised by the MOH, ACC or by local DHBs.
4.   Excellent custom-made ocular and facial prostheses.
5.   Personal care by New Zealand’s most experienced and qualified ocular prosthetists.

The free PDFs and videos in this section of the website are specifically designed for care givers to augment the advice given to patients. They may also be useful for training staff.

Please contact us if you require further information or clarification of any content.

We are open to your suggestions and welcome your comments.

Removing a prosthetic eye

Removing a prosthetic eye

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