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1998 Initiated NZ’s first post graduate course for CDT’s

The Dental Act introduced registration for Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs) in 1989, but 8 years later no practical course of training had been established by the Dental Technicians Board whose members had themselves become CDTs through a Grandfather clause and showed no willingness to open up the market to more competition. In response to this appalling situation,  Keith Pine set up (in conjunction with the Central Institute of Technology) NZ’s first part time post-graduate programme for experienced dental technicians to qualify as Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs).  Dr Ian Brown, Prosthodonist at Geddes Dental was the principal instructor and Geddes’ Takapuna practice provided the facilities. Twenty three dental technicians successfully completed the course and a further course was run in Christchurch the following year. Overall, forty six dental technicians became registered CDTs through this programme after which the Otago Dental School finally offered its first part time course.



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