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  • The majority of prosthetic eyes made in New Zealand are fully subsidised by the taxpayer whether made privately or through the public health system.
  • Lost prosthetic eyes are not subsidised as the governments expects the cost to be covered by private household insurance.
  • Government subsidies may only be claimed if the prosthesis is made and fitted by an approved provider.
  • Where an eye has been lost through accident, the Accident Compensation Corporation pays the total cost of prosthetic eyes and their ongoing replacement. Prior approval is required for each case.
  • Where an eye has been lost through medical or congenital causes the initial prosthesis is paid for by the patient unless he or she is covered by private insurance or can access a Public Hospital or clinic that provides this service. Replacement prosthetic eyes qualify for a small subsidy from the Ministry of Health – $150.00 per year, accrued annually from the time the natural eye was lost.
  • Children under 6 qualify for a full subsidy from the Ministry of Health once every two years and children under 18 qualify for a full subsidy once every three years.
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